February 2021

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Colour Me Memorable

Posted on February 2, 2021 1:20 pm by in Stan’s Log, Branding and Logo Design

With grateful thanks to the Pet Shop Boys.

When it comes to your brand, colour is a key element. Just ask Alina Wheeler: “Sixty percent of the decision to buy a product is based on colour.”

And what about this from Gael Towy: “Colour creates emotion, triggers memory, and gives sensation.”

What colour is Coca Cola?…Hmm

You only have to think about Coca Cola and red, easyJet and orange and, UPS and brown to know that’s true.

The brain reads colour after it registers a shape and before it reads content.

Guess what?

Think of Royal Dutch Shell, commonly known as Shell and its logo. You can see how the shape is important for recognition but then so are its colours. Not only that but the word Shell isn’t even part of the logo anymore!

Make it your own

The ultimate goal is to own a colour so make sure that your brand colour is carefully chosen and then gets a decent outing.

Your brand has many touchpoints such as social media, websites, products, services, e-newsletters, advertising, emails, signage, proposals, sales promotion and so on.

Don’t be shy, after all, the keeping it ‘top of mind’ approach will help you get noticed and when the times comes to buy your product or service guess who they will remember?

Keep it steady

Remember to keep it consistent across platforms so that your colour becomes synonymous with your company.

A uniform look and feel across website, social media platforms and paid ads will make your brand easier to identify and more memorable in the minds of your customers.

Stand out from the crowd

At Studio Stanley we know the importance of colour and standing out from your competitors, which is why every identity we design uses colour as a vital tool to strengthen your brand and get it noticed.

If you would like to talk about colour and how to raise your brand’s profile, get in touch and let’s chat.

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