December 2021

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Graphic Designers Just Want To Have Fun

Posted on December 23, 2021 4:14 pm by in Stan’s Log, Graphic Design

The end of the year brings the list – no, not the one for the red fellow – of lovely things that we have seen and admired.

My list contains an anxiety-buster based on a tangerine, a stunning Italian church made from concrete, a humorous take on being a graphic designer and a grotesk (but not ugly) typeface.

Looking at other designers’ work fills me with admiration, insane jealousy and encouragement.

I alternate between an open mouth and drooling posture, fist-shaking that God didn’t give me more talent and renewed vigour to pursue this wonderfully creative profession.

Fave no. 1

Copyright © María Jesús Contreras, 2021

María Jesús Contreras’ illustrations help make anxiety pangs more manageable

“I love drawing more than anything on earth, I try to draw everything I think about. I can give importance to a phrase that I hear around, or to small and forgotten objects.” María Jesús Contreras

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Fave no. 2

Copyright © Mario Cucinella Visual

Santa Maria Goretti Church was built on the edge of Mormanno

Mario Cucinella Architects aimed to design a building that was both contemporary and connected to the local community.

“We wanted to create a contemporary building that expresses a strong sense of continuity as we felt for a church, in particular, this sense of connection is important.” Mario Cucinella

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Fave no. 3

Copyright © Elliot Ulm, 2021

Elliot Ulm’s graphic design memes will make you laugh and then make you think

“I’m a strange blend of graphic designer, artist and content-creator. My work mainly lives and breathes on my Instagram page and has turned into several different streams of content creation all under the handle of @elliotisacoolguy.”

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Fave no. 4

The Reply typeface by Approximate Type

On the surface, Reply is a pretty ubiquitous grotesk, but squint your eyes and you’ll notice its subtle personality come across in its rather wide proportions, angular terminals and occasional formal oddities.

Approximate Type is an independent type foundry from Copenhagen, Denmark, established in 2021 by Kasper Pyndt Rasmussen.

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A favourite of me own

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