July 2021

Graphic Design

The Art and Power of Graphic Design

Posted on July 22, 2021 3:26 pm by in Stan’s Log, Graphic Design

“What exactly do you do?” is a question I am often asked. I usually reply “I design websites, branding, logos and brochures”.

That kind of explains it but doesn’t really – as with a lot of other professions, there is so much more.

For a start graphic design is a vital part of marketing

As Alexander Hiam in Marketing for Dummies puts it, “Marketing is the most important thing that you do in business today, even if your job title doesn’t have the word marketing in it.

“That’s because marketing is concerned with attracting customers, getting them to buy, and making sure they are happy enough with their purchase that they come back for more.

Ever try to run a business without customers.

Graphic design seems to be primarily about wowing clients and consumers with powerful imagery.

That is, of course vital, but it is also about engaging your clients and prospects so that when they want to buy a product or service, they will think of you and make that purchasing decision.

Studio Stanley Case Study: ZippSlip

Say goodbye to all that paper

ZippSlip was established in 2012 by two computer system developers who were frustrated by the volume and repetitive nature of school paperwork.

Designed from the outset to work on smart phones and tablets, ZippSlip allows schools to send out all their parental forms digitally, and parents can respond using any device, safe in the knowledge that they won’t have to keep supplying the same information over and over again.

ZippSlip is now used by over a million people throughout the United States, Europe and beyond.

So far so good. However, ZippSlip wanted to accelerate their expansion. Enter Studio Stanley who, together with Sales Director Mike Green and Helen Moore CMO, created a refreshed website that enabled the company to expand at a greater pace

“Mark was brilliant in helping us visualise our rather complex message and came up with a website which was much more successful than its predecessor. Great job!”

Helen Moore, CMO, ZippSlip

Allow us to unleash the power of graphic design on your business.

You won’t regret it and we will help your brand to flourish, whatever curveball the world throws at you.

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