April 2021

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Print is dead, long live print

Posted on April 30, 2021 2:40 pm by in Stan’s Log, Print Media

The Ofcom News Consumption Report for 2019 showed that UK national newspaper print circulation dropped 52.5% between 2010 and 2018.

Newspapers and journalists know that digital is in charge and print is no longer the go-to medium of marketing.

Print is still alive but is having to reposition as the refined one. There is a market for luxury publications that appeal to collectors. Who can resist a beautifully designed magazine?

Going direct

And don’t forget direct mail. It continues to be popular – who doesn’t like receiving mail in the post (bills excluded).

A great example is the Direct Mail Button pack that Edit and Spark 44 created for potential Land Rover Evoque owners.

The combination of data-driven marketing and insight-based creative led to an unprecedented 44% response rate, or over 2,000 test drive requests.

After carefully targeting our audience, we delivered them a luxury direct mail pack with the new Evoque starter button at the centre. One push and a test drive was automatically booked with the world’s first use of sim-free WND Network and Sigfox.”

Ben Briggs, Media Director at Edit

What makes print media so compelling?

It’s tangible: it occupies ‘real estate’ on a client’s desk, bookshelf or display rack.

It’s credible: print media confers legitimacy on a brand – unique and long-lasting, it creates a distinct marketing angle to help you stand out from the crowd.

It’s engaging: in an age where websites are skimmed in less than five seconds and email inboxes are constantly overflowing, good print media commands and holds a reader’s attention.

Print media in the form of annual reports and brochures – including the ubiquitous business card – are still vital assets in promoting your business but integration with your digital marketing is key.

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