The Power of Illustration

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Illustration doesn’t have to cost the earth and during June & July 2021 we are offering an extra 15% off our usual prices.

It’s crowded out there: so many companies – and many of them good – competing with you for business.

That’s where the power of illustration comes in. 

It makes your product or service easier to understand, communicates in a way that stock art can’t and adds a human touch to your brand.

Here are three compelling reasons to commission illustration:

1. It will help you to stand out from the competition

It’s a great way of creating awareness of your brand through distinctive design.

Designed to fit in with your branding, you also have exclusive rights to your illustrations – unlike stock art.

2. It will help tell your brand story

What you have to offer as a business is unique. With illustration you can create a visual language that sells you and only you. Want to attract more customers and earn their trust?

Bespoke illustration enables you to do that.

3. It will help clients understand how your business works

You want potential customers to ‘get’ your brand quickly and illustration is a great way of visualising complex, abstract ideas.

It also sends out your message in a friendly and welcoming way – great for engaging your audience.

Studio Stanley’s Special Offer

And it doesn’t have to cost the earth. What’s more, during June & July, we are offering an extra 15% off our usual prices.

Talk to us today and find out how your business can successfully engage your best prospects and customers in today’s challenging times.

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