Can Design Save the World?

Posted on March 17, 2022 2:45 pm by in Stan’s Log, Graphic Design

An illustration showing a young woman with her head bowed. Her t-shirt has the words Ukraine, Covid, refugees, fuel costs, drought and climate emergency displayed on it.

The war in Ukraine, refugees, fuel costs rising exponentially, COVID, the climate emergency, drought. The world always seems to have something bad going on.

Who’s to blame?

“If you need someone to blame, throw a rock in the air – you’ll hit someone guilty” sang rock group U2. In one sense we all share responsibility for the state of the world.

Our breathtaking technological advances are never a substitute for acting in the best interests of others as well as our own. The wheel is a great invention but we need ethics to help us, amongst other things, to determine the best uses for it.

Can design help?

Is design more of a help or hinderance in this matter? Can it save the world, can it stop the war? The answer is no it can’t, but it can help. The placards of protest against the Russians and its war in Ukraine show the power of graphic design to galvanise support and encourage people to act.

Our contributions towards the conflict in Ukraine can often seem frustratingly modest but nothing is ever insignificant. A friend and client of mine recently took medical supplies to the Polish-Ukrainian border and his friend left a truck behind for the army to use at the front. My wife and I can’t host refugees but we can volunteer in other ways.

That’s so fetch branding showing a design: for a business card, Instagram post and mobile website.

Branding can help your business thrive

Often the challenge for businesses today is visibility in a crowded marketplace. This is where Studio Stanley and our expertise in branding comes in.

We will position your business to attract your key customers by:

  • clarifying your values
  • distilling your key offer
  • creating persuasive branding

If you are looking for a branding studio that will understand your business and create design that grows your brand take a look at us.

See personal trainer with a unique skill set for a great example of our branding.

Get in touch today and let’s discuss how your business can thrive – whatever’s going on.

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