Print is Dead – Long Live the Phoenix

Posted on October 31, 2021 9:32 pm by in Stan’s Log, Print Media

The world wide web and social media are supposed to have killed off print.

A bit like television was supposed to have killed off radio and video was supposed to have killed off cinema.

There is no doubt that the online world has affected print. In the era of Amazon what used to take weeks to deliver now takes days and sometimes even just hours.

As consumers our expectations have altered and companies that cannot deliver their services speedily, efficiently, and at a reasonable price will suffer.

So, what are the benefits of print for your business?

Here are three good ones:

1. Print engages people better than digital

“The (supposedly dying) print edition still outperforms the (supposedly hopeful) digital product by almost every standard, be it readership, engagement, advertising revenue…”

Iris Chyi, University of Texas Associate Professor and New Media Researcher

2. Print marketing earns more trust

According to data 56% of all consumers trust print marketing more than any other type of communication.

The challenge for digital is that anyone can publish whatever they like whereas when you use print the extra effort needed to produce it gives it an extra level of trustworthiness.

3. Print elicits an emotional response

Studies have shown that physical materials generate greater feelings of emotion in our brains.

Creating a positive emotional response in your customers is a significant part of your brand’s purpose.

But what kind of print will do the trick?

Have you thought of direct mail? A well-thought through idea, well executed and sent to the right type of prospect can reap a great response.

Studio Stanley’s reputation is built on experience in print

You name it – annual reports, brochures, advertising, catalogues, stationery – we’ve been there and done it. Whatever your project, you can trust our studio to deliver on brief, budget, and deadline.

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